Flip Pouch

Flip Pouch


This compact pouch-style wallet is already a crowd favorite. It is possibly because of how much it can hold and still remains small and thin in any pocket or purse. Possibly it is because of its sleek and stylish design. Possibly it is because it is hard to find a wallet with this amount of functionality and still be minimalist and cool. It’s up to you to decide!

It measures 4” x 3” when closed, includes an ID pocket for easy flashing, a card pocket perfect for your most important cards, and a pouch pocket that will hold numerous other cards, receipts, and/or all the cash you can carry, folded in half.

All wallets are made from recycled leather cut-offs. They each have a texture and story of their own to tell, and no two are alike. Each piece has been sorted through and inspected in order to provide the best quality possible. They are guaranteed to get better as they age, just like you.

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