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Leather Zipper Pouch in black and brown, with top zipper
Leather zipper Pouch in beige, teal, and bright orange, with front zipper

Leather Zipper Pouch

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Some people just want everything in one place. If you are one of these people, this is your perfect pouch. Made to hold cash, change, and/or cards, you name it- this carry-all pouch will secure whatever you have in mind to put into it (within reason, of course).

This pouch is also great for people like me who define “organize” as ‘put like things away in pouches.’

It’s versatile.

Measuring 4 1/2” x 3 1/4” this pouch is made to hold what you need and fit into any pocket, purse, or nook.

You have the option of having the zipper sewn on the top, as is shown with the black and brown leather, or slightly moved to the front of the pouch, as shown in the other picture. I personally like the front zipper- I find it makes the pouch look a little smaller but opens wider to see what’s inside. But a lot of people like the classic look of the top zipper. The option is yours!

All my wallets are made from recycled upholstery leather off-cuts. They each have a texture and story of their own to tell, and no two are alike.  Each piece has been sorted through and inspected in order to provide the best quality possible. They are guaranteed to get better as they age, just like you.